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  • 🌱 Active. Forming a new habit
  • 🌳 Success in creating a life long habit
  •  πŸŒ³ The achivements of others you have invited to the platform
  • 😺 Limited release! To celebrate our runner up placing in the PH Makers Festival (Green Earth edition) the first 100 accounts receive a kitty!

Start a 🌱 habit. Save our 🌏 planet!

No more waiting for governments, regulators and corporations.
Our individual efforts collectively can make a difference.
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World habit rankings

On the achievement of a habit, you will be awarded a 🌳.

Name Country Habits
@GreenHabit org Australia 🌳🌳🌳🌱
@28f0wa USA 😺🌳🌳🌱
@theDayNinja Australia 🌳🌳🌱
@emotf Australia 🌳


Top 5 green habits adopted on GreenHabit today.

# Green Habit Why do it?
1 Compost Less natural waste entering landfill
2 BYO Coffee Cup Disposable coffee cups consume energy to produce and contribute to landfill
3 Shorter showers Reduce energy consumption and conserve water
4 Work from home Reduce emissions from transportation and energy consumption

What is GreenHabit?

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